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Powis Pages
Powis & variants One-name Study
Co-conspirators, sorry contributors :>)
Trudy Weaver [webmistress] Russell Powis,
Steve Poole, Tim Powys-Lybbe [TFPL] & Mick Powis
with many continued thanks to all involved

The Pers ID system used on this site was worked out by Mick Powis.
This is my attempt to explain it...

William Powis [P143]
b. 5th Jun 1843 - d. 26th Feb 1927

William married Esther Mustoe [P143S] 16th Sep 1865
Esther takes her husbands number with an added S for Spouse
Esther was married before to Samuel Bedwell whose number would be P143SS {1st Spouse of Spouse}

Esther Powis [P143S] died 30th Jan 1892

William married again on 29th Aug 1896
This time to Eliza Smith who gets the number P143S2 {S2 for 2nd Spouse}

This works the same for female and male Powises.
The only time it's different is when two Powises marry as in the following case

Robert Powis [P38]
b. Jun qtr 1839 - d. Dec qtr 1914

Robert married Sarah Powis [P65] Sep qtr 1862
Sarah Powis b. Sep qtr 1840 - d. Mar qtr 1912
Both Robert & Sarah have their own Pers IDs as both were born with the surname Powis.
We don't want Sarah to lose her own Pers ID but we do need to show a connection to Robert,
To do this we add an X and then their spouses number.
Robert then becomes P38XP65 and Sarah becomes P65XP38

Extra letters explained

PL Alternate Spelling of Surname.
PD died as infant.
PN not found in BMDs.
PA born abroad or at sea.
PB born before 1837.


Since we start our count with P1 {this being the first child registered in Sep 1837}
I am still working on a way of numbering people born before this,
I could use an extra letter and start from 1 again but I fear there will be so many of them,
it'll be too confusing and too time consuming to keep track of them.
Perhaps a whole new Excel file and a new way of searching the site is in order to simplify things a little,
if only to make it easier on me :)

I am currently working on the new Exell file and uploading as I go, to minimise the confusion all the old ID's have been removed.




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