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Latest News

Very recently started work on something that hopefully will help to track female Powises and their children.

Normally on a surname specific website like this one I feel the ladies get kind of a raw deal, I mean we have their birth records, they can be found in the census transcripts on site before they marry, but once their marriage is recorded that's it. Gone.

We'll take my Grandmother as an example. Do a births search for Catherine and one of the results is Catherine Esther born 1899 Pontypridd PersID P2293. Now if you click on mothers maiden name you should get a list of all known siblings for Catherine, this much is simple they are all Powises after all.

However if you clicked on Catherine's PersID you'd get two tables, one listed her birth in 1899 and her marriage in 1921, the other listed the two census 1901 & 1911 where she appears as a child.

Now instead of getting two tables with info on her birth, Marriage and census, you can now see her death info added to the first table and whats more there is a third table with her Husbands (William Arthur Weaver) birth and death information and his parents names.

The other thing in this third table is a FamilyID which when clicked will take you to a page with a list of William & Catherine's Children.

Now having only just started gathering this information there aren't many so far, but more will be added on an almost daily basis as I find them.
Time to get back to the research part I love. Have fun, I know I will.


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