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Commonwealth War Graves
Submitted by Mick Powis

There are 36 men with the name Powis on the Commonwealth War Graves Site. The numbers are those on the site. I have on this list only included men with the spelling POWIS & POWYS. I have not found any other spellings. In the list below I am fairly certain that the birth and death dates are those of a particular individual. In some cases men have no known grave but are mentioned on memorials, such as Ypres (Menin Gate).

In the list I start with the name as it appears on the gravestone or memorial, and the number on the Commonwealth War Grave list. In many cases only the rank, initial and name is given. I have been able to find the Christian names of most men from a disk containing Army records.  Unfortunately this only contains the names of members of the British Army. It does not contain the records of the one Powis who died in Naval Service, or men in the Australian, Canadian, or Indian Forces.

At times the names of parents or next of kin appear in the Commonwealth War Grave list. In the cases when they do not, I have been able to find them from Census records on the Powis Pages website.     

1/. Rifleman Albert Powis.
 Born About 1897 Nottingham.

Son of Albert G and Annie
Died 15 9 1916
Commonwealth War Grave
Theipval Memorial, France


2/. Rifleman Arthur Powis.  P2210
Born Mar Qtr 1898 Chorlton.

Son of John and Alice
1901 Census, North Manchester
Died 2 11 1918
Commonwealth War Grave
St Ledger Church Yard, Hainaut, Belgium


3/. Private Alfred Henry Powis.  P1887
Born Jun Qtr 1890 (3 March 1890) Wolverhampton.

Son of David and Ellen (Tufft)
1901 Census, Wolverhampton
Died 23 3 1918 Age 27
Commonwealth War Grave
Croisilles France


4/. Private C B Powis P2247
Charles Bradburn Powis.
Born Dec Qtr 1898 Madley.

Son of Benjamin and Clara (Bradburn)
1901 Census, Dawley
Died 30 10 1918 Age 20
Commonwealth War Grave
Terlincthun, Wimille, France

5/. Lance Corporal Charles Edward Powis. P1832
(In Australian Army)
Born Mar Qtr 1889 Gloucester.

Son of William and Margaret (Possibly James)
1891 Census
Upton St Leonard Gloucestershire
Died 23 8 1916 Age 27
Commonwealth War Grave
Niederzwehren, Germany


6/. Private Charles Joseph Powis. P1638
Born Sept Qtr 1884 Aston.

Son of Charles William and Maria Harrison.
In 1891 Census Kings Norton
Died 13 5 1917
Commonwealth War Grave
Arras Memorial, France.


7/. Rifleman Charles S Powis P1536
Charles Samuel Powis
Born Jun Qtr 1882 Brentford.

Son of Henry W and Minnie (Minnie born Canada)
Died 13 5 1915
Commonwealth War Grave
Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium


8/. Sergeant Charles William Powis (Indian Army)

Not enough info to identify birth date and place.

Died 15 3 1919
Tehran War Cemetery, Iran


9/. Private Frank Powis. P1869
Born Dec Qtr 1889 Cirencester.

Son of Leigh and Louisa Scriven.
Brother of # 23 Leigh Henry Powis
Died 14 8 1916
Commonwealth War Grave
Theipval Memorial, France


10/. Private George Powis. P2130
Born Jun Qtr 1896 Chesterfield as George Robert E Powis.

Son of Benjamin and Emma (Possibly Adams)
1901 Census
As George Ed born Bolsover
Died 15 2 1916 Age 20
Commonwealth War Grave
Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium


11/. Major Gordon Douglas Powis (Canadian Army)
Born About 1887 Probably, Hamilton, Canada.

Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Powis of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Husband of Mona Murry.
Died 6 11 1917 Age 30
Commonwealth War Grave
Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium


12/. Sergeant Henry Powis  P1857
Born  Sep Qtr 1889. Islington.

Probably son of George and Matilda Powis
Died 9 5 1915
Commonwealth War Grave
Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium


13/. Private Harry Powis.  P1365
Born Sep Qtr 1878 Wellington.

Son of James and Sarah Jane
1901 Census born Rodington
1891 Census born Rodington
1881 Census as Harvy Powis born Rodington
Died 10th Oct 1915 Age 37
Commonwealth War Grave
Etaples, France.


14/. Corporal H Powis P1627
Harry Powis Born Jun Qtr 1884 Taunton.

Son of Henry and Sarah Powis.
Brother of #34 William Henry Powis
Died 29 7 1917
Commonwealth War Grave
Essex Farm Cemetery


15/. H Powis
Not enough info to identify birth date and place.
Died in UK after War

20 12 1918
Commonwealth War Grave
Blandford Cemetery, England


16/. Able Seaman Harold John Powis.  P2254
Born Dec Qtr 1898 (17 Sept 1898) Aston.

Son of John and Alice (Williams)
1901 Birmingham Census, born Small Heath. Appears in Census as John H
Died 17 10 1917 Age 19
Commonwealth War Grave
Plymouth War Memorial, England


17/. Private John Powis.  P2044
Born Mar Qtr 1894 Bedwelty.

Son of Jesse and Mary Jane
1901 Census
Born Tredegar Monmouthshire
Died 28 9 1914 AGE 21
Commonwealth War Grave
Braine Communal Cemetery, France

18/. Lance Corporal J Powis P1459
James Powis
Born Sept Qtr 1880 Poplar.

Son of James and Pauline, Chiswick London
Died 27 9 1918 Age 39
Commonwealth War Grave
Ontario Cemetery, Sains-les-Marquion, France


19/. Private J Powis.
John Powis
Possibly born Dec 1879 (In register as John Powice) Bromsgrove.

Shown in Army records as born, enlisted and resided in Malvern

Died 29 11 1918
Commonwealth War Grave
Berlin South Western Cemetery, Germany


20/. Sergeant James Powis.  P1825
Born Jun Qtr 1888 Tenbury.

Son of George and Elizabeth
1891 Census
Little Hereford
Died 1 11 1919 Age 30
Commonwealth War Grave
Haidar Pasha Memorial, Istanbul, Turkey

21/. Private John Edward Powis P2108
Born Sept Qtr 1895 Wandsworth.

Son of William and Sarah
Brother of # 27 Robert James Powis
1901 Census Battersea London
Died 26 10 1915 Age 20
Commonwealth War Grave
Loos Memorial, France.


22/. Private  John Thomas Powis. P1803
Born Mar Qtr 1888 Barnsley.

Son of Reuben and  Jane
In 1891 Barnsley and 1901 Durham Census
Born Higham Yorkshire.
Died 29 9 1916 Age 29
Commonwealth War Grave
Thiepval Memorial France


23/. Private L H Powis
Leigh Henry Powis  P2185
Born Jun Qtr 1897 as Lea Henry Cirencester.

Son of Leigh and Louisa Scriven
Brother of # 9 Frank Powis
Died 19 10 1918
Commonwealth War Grave
Highland Cemetery Le Cateau, France


24/. Corporal Michael Powis
(Australian Army)

Could not identify birth date and place. Probably born in Australia.
Died 28 6 1915
Shell Green Cemetery, Turkey


25/. Driver M O Powis P2143
Moses Oscar  Powis
Born Sep Qtr 1896 Builth.

In Army records shown as born Newbridge on Wye, enlisted Cardiff.

Son of Moses Powis, and probably Sarah Jane
Died 27 6 1918
Commonwealth War Grave
Baghdad (North Gate) Cemetery, Iraq


26/. Lance Corporal Percy Hartland Powis. P1602
Born Sept Qtr 1883 Cannock.

Son of George and Agnes
In 1891 Cannock Census with grandparents John and Mary Morris.
Died 25 5 1917 Age 33
Commonwealth War Grave
Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay, France


27/. Private R J Powis
Robert James Powis  P1825
Born Nine Elms Surrey Abt 1889

Son of William and Sarah
Brother of #21 John Edward Powis
Died 27 11 1918
Honnechy Cemetery, France


28/. Lance Corporal S G Powis P2156
Samuel George Powis
Born Dec Qtr 1896 Mile End.

Army records show born Stepney, enlisted Bow

Died 20 2 1918
Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel


29/. Private Thomas Powis. P2056
Born Jun Qtr 1894 Prestwich.

Son of Thomas and Eliza.
In 1901 Census, Prestwich.
Died 13 11 1916 Age 22
Commonwealth War Grave
Ancre Cemetery, Beaumont Hame,l France


30/. Sergeant Thomas Albert Powis P2197
Born Sep Qtr 1897 Wellington

Son of Robert and Edith
Died 26 9 1917
Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium


31/. Private William Powis. P1995
Born Mar Qtr 1892 Walsall.

Son of Joseph and Elizabeth.
In 1901 Census, Walsall.
Died 8 6 1917 Age 24
Commonwealth War Grave
Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany


32/. Private William Powis.  P2157
Born Dec Qtr 1896 St Giles.

Son of William and Jane.
In 1901 Census, St Giles London.
Died 16 8 1917 Age 20
Commonwealth War Grave
Bedford House Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium


33/. Private William Powis. P1807
Born Mar Qtr 1888 Clun.

Son of George and Margaret. (Lloyd)
In 1901 Census, Clungunford.
Died 31 10 1917 Age 30
Commonwealth War Grave
Beersheba War Cemetery, Israel


34/. Private William Henry Powis. P1490
Born Jun Qtr 1881 Bromsgrove.

Son of Henry and Sarah Ann.
Brother of # 14 Harry Powis
In 1901 Census, Taunton, St Mary Magdalene Within.
Died 24 5 1915 Age 34
Commonwealth War Grave
Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium


35/. Rifleman Wilfred Theodore Powis.  P1987
Born Sept Qtr 1892 Bromley.

Son of Mrs M P Powis.
In 1901 Census, Wanstead Essex, inmate in orphan asylum. Died 31 3 1915 Age 22
Commonwealth War Grave
Rifle Gate Cemetery, Hainaut, Belgium


36/. Rifleman William Victor Powis.  P2076
Born Dec Qtr 1894 Walsall.

Son of Alfred and Elizabeth.
In 1901 Census, Walsall.
Died 11 5 1915 Age 20
Commonwealth War Grave
Ypres (Menin Gate) Belgium


There are 4 men named Powys

1/. Lance Corporal Beverly Cunliffe Powys
(Canadian Army)

Son of Percy Cunliffe Powys and Susan Beverly Powis (That is how it is spelled on the record)
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
Died 2 6 1916. Age 20
Ypres (Menin Gate), Belgium


2/. Private Edmund Ivor Owen Powys
(Canadian Army)

Son of Ernest Aubrey and Margaret Ann Powys of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
Died 19 8 1917 Age 20
Vimy Memorial, France.


3/. Private G J Powys
George James Powys PL241
Born Sept Qtr 1899 Wirral.

Son of William and Lydia Powys of Bebington, Birkenhead.
Died 8 10 1918 Age 19
Prospect Hill Cemetery Gouy, France


4/. Lieutenant Geoffrey Mapleton Powys
Born 10 8 1880

Son of the Rev Horace Annesley Powys  and Jessie Powys of Far Headingly, Leeds.
Died 19 6 1917 Aged 20
Derry House Cemetery, Belgium




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