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County Gaol Register of Prisoners


Reference No.: Q/GC5/4

 Date of Admission:  26th November 1831

 Number in Index: 158

 Name: Joseph POWIS

 Late Residence: Alstone

 Trade: Baker

 Age: 17

 Height: 5ft 2¾in        Hair: Brown       Eyes: Grey

 Visage: Common face and nose     Complexion: Fresh

 Other marks: Two moles on his breast, two moles, two small scars and a mark on right arm, seven small moles on left arm, mole right side his neck, one large mole and four small moles on his shoulders

 Cause of Commitment: Charged on the oaths of Elizabeth Hawkins and John Didcot with having, on the 24th day of November instant at the parish of Cheltenham assaulted Mary Ann Borton an infant child of the age of five years with intent to commit a felony.

 By whom committed: R Bransby-Cooper Esq., J H Ollney, Esq., and C Brandon Trye, Clerk

 By what court to be tried: Epiphany Sessions

 When tried: 3rd January 1832

 Event of trial: Guilty

 Sentence passed: Six calendar months and once whipped

 When discharged: Removed 7th January 1832.

 Conduct in prison: Indifferent. (See Penitentiary record.)

 Remarks: Can read and write.


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