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Would love to find both these boys anytime after 1841...

1841 Cheltenham, St Mary. Queens Place
Thomas Evans, 65, Coal Dealer, No. (for further info see own page)
Elizabeth Evans, 50, No (for further info see own page)
Maria Reyzer, 25, No (for further info see own page)
Thomas Evans, 10, Yes
James Coyzer, 6, No
Mirriam Coyzer, 2, Yes (for further info see own page)

Thomas Evans born abt 1831 place unknown
Thomas is from his fathers fisrt marriage. I have no other info on him.

James Cayzer born abt 1835 place unknown
I think James is Maria's son, born before she met Joseph, but he could be Elizabeth's by her first husband George Cayzer. I have not been able to locate James anywhere other than the 1841.



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