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California Passenger List 1893-1957

Name Arrival Date Estimated birth year Gender Port of Departure Last Residence Ship Name
?Ails Powis 21-Feb-02 abt 1873 Male Victoria, British Columbia British Columbia City Of Lusbla
Frederick Powis 14-May-23 abt 1923 Male Sydeny Nsw, Australia Australia R M S Tahiti
Frederick T Powis 14-May-23 abt 1894 Male Sydeny Nsw, Australia Australia R M S Tahiti
Henry A Powis 24-Mar-26 abt 1890 Male Manila, Philippines   President Taft
Jliad Powis 27-Dec-15 abt 1864 Female Hong Kong, China Philippines Tenyo Maru
John Powis 28-Jun-16 abt 1865   Bancouver, British Columbia   El Lobo
Julia M D Powis 27-Dec-15 abt 1864 Female Hongkong and Shanghai and Nagasaki and Kobe and Yokohama   Tenyo Maru
Martha Powis 10-Aug-36 abt 1889 Female Honolulu, Hawaii England Monterey
Mbel MO A Powis 14-May-23 abt 1898 Female Sydeny Nsw, Australia Australia R M S Tahiti
P Powis 21-Feb-02 abt 1880 Female Victoria, British Columbia Victoria City Of Lusbla
Patricia J Powis 22-Nov-55     Keelung , Formasa and Naha, Okinawa and Yokohama, Japan   General A E Anderson
Powys Ns Nss 1912     Papeete, Tahiti   Tahine
Susan Powys 29-Apr-38 abt 1865 Female Cristobal, Canal Zone Canada Loch Monar



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