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The only real question remaining is when Joseph Died

Other resolved brick walls here

Joseph Powis was christened on the 27 Feb 1814 in Elkstone, Gloucester.
Parents: Joseph Powis & Frances Baker.
Grandparents: Thomas Powis & Elizabeth Saunders.

Joseph was a Baker by trade, we think this prison record might be him.

Joseph married Maria Cayzer on the 23rd Oct 1837 in Cheltenham, Gloucester.
Parents: George Cayzer & Elizabeth Wilcox (Elizabeth later married Thomas Evans).
Grandparents Thomas Wilcox & Ann.

Joseph & Maria had the following children.
Mirriam Powis born 3rd Nov 1838 in Cheltenham, Gloucester.
William Powis born 5th June 1843 in Cheltenham, Gloucester.

As far as I can tell Joseph & Maria never actually lived together,

Joseph Powis 1841 Cheltenham, St Mary. York Street.
Joseph Powis, Baker, 30, Yes.

Maria Powis 1841 Cheltenham, St Mary. Queens Place
Thomas Evans, 65, Coal Dealer, No. (for further info see own page)
Elizabeth Evans, 50, No (for further info see own page)
Maria Reyzer, 25, No (for further info see own page)
Thomas Evans, 10, Yes (for further info see own page)
James Coyzer, 6, No (for further info see own page)
Mirriam Coyzer, 2, Yes (for further info see own page)

I have not been able to locate Joseph on any census since the 1841,
however he is listed as the father on William's birth certificate in 1843, he is not noted as being deceased on Williams first (1865) or second (1896) marriage certificate. I have yet to find a death for Joseph.



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