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Parish Register Marriage Records

Personal ID Groom Bride Date Parish County Extra Info Banns or Licence


Thomas Powiss Elisabeth Saunders 4 Apr 1764 Elkstone Gloucestershire   Licence
  Thomas Powys Mary Hatfield 17 Oct 1785 Clun Shropshire    
  William Rickers Sarah Powis 27 Jul 1788 Clun Shropshire    
  John Powis Betsy Morris 13 Mar 1807 Clun Shropshire    
  John Powis Mary Thomas 20 Apr 1808 Clun Shropshire    
  John Powis Elizabeth Johnson 4 Feb 1811 St Mary's Handsworth Stafford   Banns
  Richard Powis Ann Walker [a widow] 10 Apr 1814 St Bartholomew’s, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Warwick   Banns
  William Cross Eleanor Powis 16 Oct 1815 Clun Shropshire Father given as John Powis  
Joseph Powiss Eliza Fisher 5 Nov 1832 Dudley Source S Poole
  George Powis Sarah Willits 12 Mar 1834 St Mary's Handsworth Stafford   Licence
  William Powis Emma Green 5 Jul 1836 St Mary's Handsworth Stafford   Banns
  James Jauncy Sarah Powis 10 May 1720 Bromyard Worcestershire S Poole
  Edward Kirby Mary Powis 27 Sep 1763 Hagley Worcestershire S Poole
  George Crews Mary Powiss 1 Oct 1782 Worcester St John Worcestershire S Poole
  John Price Sarah Powis 3 Apr 1794 Broadwas Worcestershire S Poole
  William Powis Mary Maddox 31 Dec 1827 Dudley Worcestershire S Poole
  John Powis Maria Johns 23 Mar 1830 Worcester St Nicholas Worcestershire S Poole
  James Hyde Sarah Powis 19 Jun 1834 Claines Worcestershire S Poole

Parish Register Burial Records
[only nine so not done separate page]


Personal ID Name When Died When Buried Parish County Extra  Info
  Thomas Powiss   26 Jun 1795 Elkstone Gloucestershire  
  Elizabeth Powiss   28 Feb 1812 Elkstone Gloucestershire wife of Thomas Powiss nee Saunders
  Thomas Powis from Whitcott Keysett   25th March 1815 Clun Shropshire Source S Poole Infant
  Elizabeth Powis from Shrewsbury   11 Jan 1820 Clungunford Churchyard Source S Poole Age 72
  William Powis from Little Common   28 Oct 1820 Clungunford Churchyard Source S Poole Age 4
  John Powis from Whitcott Keysett   11 Feb 1831 Clun Shropshire Source S Poole Age 83
  Sarah Powis from Little Common   30 Apr 1837 Clungunford Churchyard Source S Poole Age 64
  William Powis   11 Aug 1853 St John the Baptist, Horton Middlesex  
  Alfred Powis   30 Jan 1855 St John the Baptist, Horton Middlesex  

Memorial at Wentnor church: Mary Vanzoelan Rogers, relict of Thomas Rogers of the Home.
Third daughter of Edward and Catherine Powys of Moreton in Cheshire,
died in the 84th year of her age, March 12th 1835.
Only other info known is that this lady was christened at Cannock in 1749.


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