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Powis Pages
Powis & variants One-name Study
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Trudy Weaver [webmistress] Russell Powis,
Steve Poole, Tim Powys-Lybbe [TFPL] & Mick Powis
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Legal Stuff

Please get in touch before using any data found on this site, I'm a nice person really and I promise I won't bite, I do however have the following to say...

When it comes to census returns and bmd indexes etc. etc. the images held on various pay per view or subscription sites are crown copyright, the information the images hold however is in the public domain, so no-one can claim copyright, please note that any transcriptions are nevertheless the copyright of the transcriber, and themselves may NOT be reproduced - other than for personal use - without the permission of the transcriber. Publishing the transcriptions of others on your website is not considered personal use.

I have worked long and hard to make this site what it is today, and am constantly updating and rectifying mistakes. Be honest... would you like it, if you found a website that had copy/pasted half your data into theirs?

I claim full copyright on the website layout and my brother holds the copyright for the original database design.


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