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On what dates were the 1841-1911 censuses carried out?

The census was taken on the night of

6 June 1841
30 March 1851
7 April 1861
2 April 1871
3 April 1881
5 April 1891
31 March 1901
2 April 1911

The enumerator was assigned a specific area to cover and distributed a schedule to each household in that area in the days running up to census night. He then collected them, checked the details and copied them into an enumerator's book. He returned the book and the schedules to the local registrar who in turn checked them and sent them to the Census Office. The census information that we can see in all but the 1911 census is from the enumerators' books, not the original schedules, which were destroyed. The census information that we can see in the 1911 Census is what our ancestors wrote in the schedules themselves.


The change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar

Great Britain & Colonies changed the calander in 1752.
The 2nd of Sep 1752 was followed by the 14th of Sep 1752.
A more indepth article can be found here


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