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Just to give you some ideas of names to look for when you can't find your Powis/Powys in the indexes. Here is a list of names I've found them indexed as....


Power Powers Purvis Parvis Paver Pruis Powzer Rawis Ponzo Dowis
Parrys Prays Towes Parols Pouget Pope Lowis Hayss Powyes Porvys
Davis Davies Pawya Towis Pruss Pavis Lewis Rois Powe Paire
Poneys Parys Baris Powel Powre Previs Perris Podd Kwiss Jones
Fowle Jorvis                

My all time favourite has to be Frederick Baris....who turned out to be Prudence Powis!

If you've found any more, let me know



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