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Leeds Mercury.

Newspaper Articles mentioning the Powis Surname, contributed by Russell Powis.

Leeds Mercury Issue 3330
Sat 27th Oct 1832
Benjamin Powis

Leeds Mercury Issue 6242
Sat 23rd Jul 1853
William Powis

Leeds Mercury Issue 6322
Sat 27th Jan 1855
Jane Powis

Leeds Mercury Issue 8201
Sat 25th Jul 1864
John Powis Esq

Leeds Mercury Issue 8520
Sat 28th Jul 1865
Mr Charles Powis

Leeds Mercury Issue 13792
Thurs 22nd Jun 1882
Mr. Geo. Powis

Leeds Mercury Issue 15481
Sat 19th Nov 1887
Powis & Co

Leeds Mercury Issue 16558
Sat 2nd May 1891

Northern Star & National Trades Union Journal
Sat 20th Mar 1847 Issue 491
Fire in Mr Powis' Fancy Toy Shop


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